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“My hair is so Boofy & frizzy!”

That’s probably the most common thing our clients say to us the first time they visit our salon.

When they come back the second, third, fourth times:

“I am ADDICTED to the way my hair feels & it’s so easy to dry!”

Want to know what we are doing to get these kinds of responses?

Sick of your unruly hair?

Sick of your unruly hair?


Imagine waking up every morning with soft, smooth & sleek hair, that you don’t need to spend hours taming… Only for it to be ruined by rain or humidity?

You know that boofy, fluffy look you have after you wash your hair?

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment lasts up to 3 months AT LEAST!

Save yourself HOURS every single week (hello, sleeping a little longer in the mornings)

We are called “Hair Tamers” for a reason. This is our speciality.
And as Spring is around the corner, we want to offer you a special FREE gift with your Keratin Treatment!
Get a Keratin Smoothing for $129!*

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