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This is how it started

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Hey everyone!


Just thought I’d share a bit of my story but will warn you it’s a bit long lol!

I started my apprenticeship in 1974 in the UK.  I had the opportunity to go over there, so I did, and had a ball.

Anyway, I always had a passion for hair as it just fascinated me. I remember when I was a kid, I’d buy only dolls with long hair, so I could cut it short. Bit of a strange one I think my Mum used to think, but never the less this is how it all started.


I returned back to Australia in 77 to finish my last year of training as Australia’s registration for hairdressing was damn tough to pass back in those days.


Over the years I worked in different and interesting salons and always totally loved making my ladies smile when I finished their hair as it always gave me a buzz to know I actually made someone happy about the way they looked and feel good.


I was offered a job in a salon in St Mary’s about 16 years ago, then the lady whom I worked for who actually became quite a good friend offered the salon to me to buy from her. After some soul searching and wondering if I was smart enough to do it, I decided to go ahead and buy it.


It was a good business and I learnt a lot from owning a business and I stayed there for 10 years. Boy did those years go fast and a lot has happened.


In the years of owning my salon my Father came to live with my partner and myself for a few years before he died, which hit me quite hard. I made the decision then after a while to sell the salon and what I did was opened up a salon around the corner from me and called it Hair Tamers. It was just an empty shop that used to be a hair salon but had been shut down for over 10years. So, I opened it up and worked hard and met some wonderful clients that still come to me to this day.


Well it has been amazing, and I can’t believe how busy we can be. We have gorgeous clients that love visiting us and we love them coming to us. I have amazing staff that have become very popular and I totally love training my staff to pass across my years of knowledge.


Don’t get me wrong, I am still always learning daily as hairdressing changes and is a skill you always have to keep up with the times and new techniques. But this is what keeps my passion fired up in hair.


Fast forward to today. I have decided to step back a bit and do more training with the staff and management in the salon, but I will still be around, so you won’t not see me.


I’ve burnt the candle a bit too much though as of late, as I’ve become a little bit rundown and overwhelmed. So, I’m taking a couple of weeks off some r and r which is much needed.


Sarah will be taking over the running of the salon for me for the 2 weeks I am out, but they will all look after you as they are all amazing and I’m very proud of the girls.


Just want to say a big “Thank You’ to everyone of you for listening to me and your ongoing support.

Love Jen and the team


Hair Salon in Noarlunga, SA

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