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Insider Secrets On The Difference Between Box Color And Salon Colour


Maybe you’ve never given much thought to the difference between home colouring your hair and in-salon colouring, except for the price. Well, we thought we’d spill the beans on the huge difference between these two worlds.

Manufacturers of box colour are making a product for a very general audience. The only consideration is colour. It’s really impossible for manufacturers to take into account the person’s hair type, hair texture, length and thickness of hair.

Salon Hair Colour info:

A good hairstylist can properly assess the condition of your hair, and examine the texture and thickness—all essential components to creating beautiful colour. This is why your colour formula may change slightly from time to time to get the best results.

Box colour simply can’t do this. It wasn’t designed to. Professional hair colour was designed to penetrate your hair right to the layer that holds the natural colour pigment. Box colour simply coats colour on top of the hair shaft.

When colour is applied this way, it keeps light from passing through your hair causing it to look dull and lifeless. Eventually, it will look like straw, preventing any conditioning treatments from reaching the hair.

Professional colour works from the inside out. It helps to keep your hair healthy and allows for deep conditioning treatments. Those who professionally colour their hair can keep hair healthy and shiny for years to come!

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