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HAIR COLOUR – How to stop your hair colour fading

If you’ve just had your hair dyed and you love the colour, the last thing you want is for the colour to fade.  To reduce fading, use a deep conditioning treatment once per week.  This will help to lock in your colour and also has the added benefit of moisturising your hair! Did you know that colour fading happens more quickly in dry, damaged hair? The more moisturised and healthy your hair is, the longer the colour will last!

Now you would like to know what conditioning treatment is the best to use…right?? Well, there are lots of the market to choose from and just remember, expensive isn’t always the best.  Just choose one that suits your budget.

Another alternative is to use a home remedy.  Everything we need is provided for us in our natural environment and I think we forget that sometimes.  I am a big believer in home remedies.  The deep conditioning treatment I recommend the most for dry damaged hair is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a nutritious substance for your hair and if applied, will leave your hair feeling shiny, soft and manageable.  Coconut oil will also help repair damaged hair by preserving the hairs natural proteins.  I absolutely guarantee that you will see a remarkable difference in your hair after the very first treatment! Try it and see and let us know what you think by leaving us a message!

Info and Pic source from http://rockyourlocks.com.au/

Thanks to Rock Your Locks for the pic source

Thanks to Rock Your Locks for the pic source

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