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Hair Highlights/Lowlights Ideas

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Everything you need to know about Hair Highlights/Lowlights

When placed appropriately, highlights can cover the beginning of gray, silver, or white strands. It’s a stunning look.
Lowlights are darker contrasting colors woven in with highlights to create depth and movement.
Got a leftover “frosted” look from old highlighting? Lowlights can tone them down.
Lowlights help to create vibrant hair color that also brings out your skin tone and eye color.
After years of experience, we know how to expertly blend, weave and interconnect different highlight pattern that lets your base color shine through
Lowlights are darker contrasting colors woven in with highlights to create depth and movement.
Did you know that highlights woven around your face brighten your skin tone? That means a youthful look for you!
When placed appropriately, highlights can cover the beginning of gray, silver, or white strands. It’s a stunning look.

Highlights or Lowlights Hair Tips

Thinking about a change just not too drastic?
Start with highlights. They can completely change your look without changing your style. It’s a gorgeous and simple way to up your game.
Highlights can compliment certain hair textures. Curly tresses with contrasting hand painted spiral highlights is one that comes to mind. Ask us about other hair types.
Highlights create a beautiful contrast on a wide range of hair colors. Or, they can blend softly for a rich, dimensional look. What’s your choice?
When highlights are correctly applied, they grow out with a minimal root line. You won’t have to worry about that with us!
The key to beautiful highlights is to make them look natural. Nothing looks worse than a head full of obvious highlighting stripes.
The most natural highlights are irregular in size and width and spaced irregularly.

For darker hair, lowlights can add warmth, depth, and increase texture of your hair.

Highlights and lowlights are a gorgeous way to add depth and movement. So take care of them! Watch sun exposure! Use a shampoo and conditioner with an SPF.
Blonde highlights add dimension to almost any hair color. Even red hair can add blonde highlights to bring out the color’s dimension.
Thinking of adding highlights? Great! Talk with your stylist. It’s generally best to go only three shades lighter than your current hair color.
Bored! Bored! Bored! Who doesn’t feel that way about their hair sometimes? If you want a change, but you don’t want a big change, think about lowlights. They will brighten your whole look without a dramatic change!
Highlights and lowlights can add vibrancy and more life to the dullest mane. The results are gorgeous. It’s like falling in love with your hair again!
Refresh your look with both highlights to brighten up your look (blonde, gold, chamomile tones) and lowlights to deepen the color (red, plum, auburn). You will love your look!
We can use two or three colors to highlight and low light your hair. The result? A shimmering, true-looking contrast of color!!
“Will lowlights work for me?” Absolutely! They enhance any hairstyle by adding texture and warmth.
Lowlights are especially good for first-time blondes to add a more natural-looking hue.
Recovering from an overly dramatic dye job? Come to us! We’ll prescribe lowlights to achieve a more natural look.
Don’t let your highlights or lowlights become dull or drab. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after with each shampoo!
Got the hairdo blues? Consider lowlights! They’re great to cover grey hair, to change your look, and to have a bit of fun without being too dramatic.
For brunettes, the right color of lowlights should be 2-3 times darker than your current shade.
For brunette lowlights, it’s best to go a shade or two lighter than your natural eye color.
We love lowlights! They add radiance to your face.
Lowlights are different from streaks. Those are generally large, bright, and intentionally noticeable. Lowlights light up your face without obvious color.
Hair highlighting ideas from Hair Tamers

Hair highlighting ideas from Hair Tamers

For the deepest shade of brunette, choose wine auburn highlights and watch the color pop!

Lowlights are less damaging to your hair and easy to care for.
For brunettes, avoid red lowlights. It will not blend. If you have a tinge of auburn color to your hair, choose the darkest shade of auburn for a natural, eye-popping look!

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