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eyebrow threading in Adelaide SAEyebrow threading is the latest WOW beauty treatment sweeping the world and we love eyebrows!

And your eyebrows will look great!

Our specialist Suman is a highly skilled threader and totally dedicated to giving your eyebrows the “wow” factor!

Suman has never met a pair of eyebrows she couldn’t make look absolutely fabulous! With the magic of thread and maybe a little help from a brow tint we will rock your eyebrows. Threading allows her to obtain the perfect arch and shape as she has complete control over the hairs that she removes

Suman is able to remove even the finest hairs from the follicle resulting in a perfectly groomed look with a slow regrowth.

Eyebrow Threading Technique

Threading is an ancient Indian art which uses a length of cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. The precision and definition that threading can achieve make it particularly suitable for shaping eyebrows.

100% cotton thread is twisted and then manipulated to remove the hairs from their follicles as it glides over the skin- a process which removes the hairs and leaves the skin intact. Because of the non-traumatic effect of threading for the skin, the technique is widely considered the pre-eminent method for brow shaping and also for other areas of hair removal on the face.

Threading is far kinder to the skin than waxing, where hot wax is applied directly to the fragile skin of the delicate eye area and the skin itself is tugged and stretched by the wax, facilitating the development of wrinkles. Waxing can also lead to peeling or burning the top layers of skin.

In India, the Middle East and Asia, the art of threading has long been recognized and revered for its efficiency in shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted facial hair. Over the last few years the clear benefits of threading have become increasingly recognized in the west, and now the technique is hugely popular in the UK and USA.

Additional benefits include less redness of the skin afterwards, and the technique is widely considered to be less painful than other methods of hair removal.

No chemicals or any waxes or products with artificial ingredients are used.


  • It gives you a more defined and sharper outline to your eyebrows.
  • Threading does not peel a layer of skin.
  • The majority of our clients experience no redness. If redness comes, it is gone within a short time.
  • No irritation.
  • Hair does not grow back as fast, and hair regrowth is finer.
  • Threading removes even the finest of hair and skin feels smoother.

Give the Caterpillar look the Flick and say “Goodbye” to plucking and wax rash with the new Hair removal eyebrow threading from India!!

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